Venttiilirasva Remaxx 50ml

Tuotekoodi: 593566


Remaxx-venttiilirasva 50 ml. Purkissa levitystä helpottava sienimäinen suti.
Kumiventtiilit kuuluu aina rasvata ennen asentamista. "Kuivana" vedetyt venttiilit halkeavat helposti ja jäävät vuotamaan.

  • Specially designed for the clean and safe installation of the high-quality TPMS sensors with snap-in valves on modern wheel systems
  • The snap-in valve is simply moistened with the sponge just before installation
  • Solution with high initial lubrication - lowers the necessary pulling forces and can be easily applied with the applied sponge
  • Quick and residue-free dry, for a tight fit of the valve on the rim
  • Protects the pressure sensors during assembly on the rim
  • Economical usage, environmentally friendly, easy to handle
  • Drys invisible and clean on valve and wheel